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Robot offline programming and virtual debugging solution iRobotCAM V1.2
Based on ZW3D CAD/CAM
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iRobotCAM attended the 6th Industrial Internet Conference as Robot offline programming solution
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All-in-one solution​

Robot production line design/offline programming/virtual debugging

Reliable physics simulation engine

Virtual debugging and joint debugging of workstations

Open process integration architecture

Quickly integrate customized process modules such as welding and spraying.

Robot production line design

  • Use parametric design software to meet the design of single robot workstations and robot production lines.

Robot offline programming

  • Office Programming Process:
    Robot model import–>Process planning–>Machining process simulation–>Workstation system optimization–>Post code output
  • Programming verification:
    Support robot program decompilation, which can verify and optimize robot programs

Robot virtual debugging

  • Equipped with virtual debugging and virtual monitoring, the actions of the virtual robot system workstation and the actual robot system workstation can be synchronized;
  • Supports multi-machine IO communication simulation, multi-robot synchronization, and multi-axis linkage planning of robots.

Mechanical and electrical design and virtual debugging platform


Zhejiang Tianhuang Science & Technology


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